Meeting Planner: We ask that you use the following introduction – as is – when introducing Jamie Greenberg at your event.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could live who we really are and capitalize on our uniqueness and purpose?

Our speaker today is globally recognized as a Personal Branding Innovator and Business Development Specialist. Jamie Greenberg is the author of The 4 Truths to Creating A Brand YOU Way and the creator of the A Brand YOU Way System designed specifically for the way entrepreneurs and thought leaders are wired.

Often referred to as ”The Originologist” for his uncanny ability to unearth, develop and monetize the originality and uniqueness in others, Jamie’s goal is for you to leave here today with ideas you can implement immediately to leverage your personal brand by unleashing the full expression of your originality!

Please join me in welcoming Jamie Greenberg’s, one and only “A Brand You Way Showinar.”

“After experiencing Jamie’s program I feel far clearer about who I am, the value I offer and the way I have positioned myself to get exceptional results in the marketplace.”
D. Shecthman - CEO​ ​- The Courageous Path
“I was so inspired by Jamie's talk that I began working with him and immediately got clear on what steps I needed to take next! Jamie was able to hold the space and listen deeply and then reflect back that which was wanting to come through me.”
Beth Williams – CEO - Forward Focus
”Before working with Jamie I was speaking the same marketing language as everyone else and my business wasn’t going anywhere. Working with Jamie has allowed me to figure out how I can authentically communicate my uniqueness.”
Aaron Mandlebaum – CEO – Icebreaker Consulting
“Prior to seeing Jamie's presentation and working with the A Brand YOU Way System, I had a lot of great ideas but needed direction on how to extract my passion and purpose so I could streamline my business.”
Lisa Howard – CEO - This or Better!
“I am eternally grateful for the way Jamie presents his impactful material and for taking me through his A Brand YOU Way process.”
Harry Kilpe - CEO - Mind Traffic Control